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Welcome to the World of Meringue Cookies!



Simple Ingredients

Create enchanting meringue cookies with just a few key ingredients. Eggs, sugar, and flavoring combine to form delightful treats that are easy to make and irresistibly delicious.


Unleash your Creativity

Embark on a delightful baking adventure with meringue cookies. Create edible art that delights and showcases your skills.


Easy to Learn as Beginner

Meringue cookies are beginner-friendly, with simple techniques that provide a sense of accomplishment and joy.
Carol is a passionate instructor at Semisweets, specializing in teaching the art of meringue cookies. With over 1800 students locally and worldwide, Carol's expertise has empowered baking enthusiasts to become best sellers in their own countries. Join Carol's community of meringue cookie enthusiasts and unlock your baking potential today.

Carol Tan

semisweets founder

Inside the Free Lesson, You'll learn

Master the Art of Piping
Unlock the secrets of creating charming characters through detailed step-by-step guidance on essential piping techniques.
Discover the simplicity of creating adorable cartoon characters using meringue
Unlock the simplicity of crafting adorable cartoon characters using meringue, and bring your edible creations to life with ease.
Learn the secrets to crafting expressive and detailed facial features for your cartoon characters.
Dive into the world of facial expressions and learn how to add personality and charm to your cartoon character creations.

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