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Make Cute Meringue Cookies Like These!

"I couldn't have asked for more than this. Meringue cookies online course has got everything I need. Its worth much more than I paid."
Carma M.

I have to admit that it really blew me away with its comprehensive content, teaching you everything from start to finish. It's not often that you find an online course that offers such a wealth of information, especially one this specific in nature.
Shanon D.
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With 30+ Educational Videos (up to 3 hours in video length) Walking You Step By Step Through The Entire Dessert Making Process

Make These Meringue Cookies For Your Kids. Access to over 15 Meringue Cookies Designs Demonstration Videos.

The Perfect Meringue Recipe For You!

Access Meringue Online Class anywhere, anytime, from all devices.

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About Me

I am Carol , a Professional Dessert Maker and Instructor at SemiSweets. I have guided over 1500 students across the globe from our home country Malaysia to overseas countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, United States, Canada, Brunei, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan and Australia.

Carol Tan

semisweets founder

Here's What You Will Get ...

Our Beginner Online Course is up and ready with more than 3 hours of contents to give you everything you need to learn through all the process of preparation of the desserts. You will know the technique, the ingredients and the exact steps you need to achieve amazing results.

Plus, we are constantly adding and updating the content so you always know the latest knowledge to make a better creation
1. Fundamental & Techniques
In these chapters, we will go through all the fundamental of making meringue cookies. We will breakdown each Guide into separate videos with detailed demonstrations
2. Step by Step Video Demonstration
There are more than 15 basic characters that are suitable for beginners which you will be learning in our Meringue Cookies Beginner Course.
** 3. Community Learning & Creation Corner (add on Package)
Join our Add-on Package for exclusive community where you will learn new techniques, get questions answered, and get feedback on your work.

What our members are saying...

Join over 1,000+ students who are creating these cute meringue cookies and taking their skills to new levels.
When I first started my meringue cookies making journey I was very confused by all the different information I was finding on websites. It made the whole endeavor feel quite overwhelming and at first it kind of put me off. But... Carol's Meringue Cookies Course really touched on everything without being overwhelming at all. It was so great to have all of the information involved in making Meringue Cookies in one place!
- Julian.C

I am so happy I found this course! It was easy to follow and it gives the right amount of encouragement. Some courses can be overwhelming or too difficult to follow but this one is perfect. I loved that as we worked through the recipes, there was always a video tutorial to help me see what I needed to do in each step.

- Wai
meringue cookies recipe

I love baking and cooking, but I've never really been daring enough to try to make anything like meringue cookies before. This course helped me get over that fear and made me realize that it's not as difficult as I thought it was. The course is also really well set up. It explained everything in a simple way and gave me handy tips to further improve my skills

- Rina

I have been following the course for a month and I already see improvements in my baking. The videos are easy to follow and provide a detailed steps of each recipe. I am looking forward to baking more recipes from this course. meringue cookies course is a great skill builder indeed!

- Kelly

One Time Payment For Beginner Class

Beginner Plan

USD79 / MYR320 (Launch Promo)
  • 1 Year Access to video content via website (can re-watch anytime)
  • More than 15 Basic Meringue Cookies Designs to learn
  • Proven Meringue Cookies Formula
  • 1 on 1 Guidance / Online Support (FB Messenger)
  • 1 Year Website Access Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Not at all! This course do not require previous experience. Our instructor explained every process in a very detailed manner so that you can easily understand the techniques and easy to follow through.

Basic tools such as oven or mixer are needed. Materials are mainly egg and sugar. All the ingredients and tools can be purchase at your respective country either via local bakery shop or online marketplace. NO mould needed as all the meringue are piped using hands. 

All the videos are pre-recorded and  hosted on our website . This is NOT LIVE TEACHING as there are a lot tiny details that needed to show and everyone learning pace is different.  That is why we make 60 videos to dissect every details to show the process and steps. 
You can watch the videos UNLIMITED TIMES.

You will be learning more than 15 designs in our meringue cookies beginner course.  If you wish to learn more, you may upgrade to our add on package for additional 40 designs + future updates.

Yes you can. You can either approach our instructor via FB Messenger which will be provided to you or via community group in FB. (Only opens for those who upgrade to add-on package)

We accept Credit Card Payment, Paypal & Stripe for ALL Customers.

We also accept payment by credit card (VISA,MASTER), Debit Card & Online Banking & Touch&Go. (for Malaysia ONLY)

I get it. There’s a lot of free information out there. I personally spent hundreds of hours watching YouTube videos when I was just learning. But I still wish that I had something like this so I could bypass all that time I wasted trying to find the answers to my questions. If YouTube is your jam, then go for it. If you’re ready to take action now, then this is for you. (And let’s be honest, for just $98 bucks…? It’s a no brainer.)

As soon as you sign up you’ll get an email with step by step instructions. Inside the email is a link to create an account on our site where all the content is hosted. You can access the course videos any time of day and on any device (with an internet connection).

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