Learn How to Make Character Meringue Cookies Easily From Home.

Even If You Have Zero Bakery Experience. Tested and Proven Formula.

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About Me

I am Carol , a Passionate Meringue Cookies Maker and Instructor.

I have guided over 1500 students across the globe from our home country Malaysia to overseas countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Brunei, Indonesia, Japan and Australia.

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SemiSweets Character Meringue Cookies Course is an online course that teaches you a proven method to make meringue cookies.


Our formula are tested and proven to make meringue cookies that adapt to different weather and country.

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造型马琳糖线上课程 [中文版]

造型马琳糖实作课 [KL & Penang]

Character Meringue Cookies Online Beginner Course 

[English Version] 

What my students say about the courses

When I first started my meringue cookies making journey I was very confused by all the different information I was finding on websites. It made the whole endeavor feel quite overwhelming and at first it kind of put me off. But... Carol's Meringue Cookies Course really touched on everything without being overwhelming at all. It was so great to have all of the information involved in making Meringue Cookies in one place!

Julian C

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I am so happy I found this course! It was easy to follow and it gives the right amount of encouragement. Some courses can be overwhelming or too difficult to follow but this one is perfect. I loved that as we worked through the recipes, there was always a video tutorial to help me see what I needed to do in each step.


I love baking and cooking, but I've never really been daring enough to try to make anything like meringue cookies before. This course helped me get over that fear and made me realize that it's not as difficult as I thought it was. The course is also really well set up. It explained everything in a simple way and gave me handy tips to further improve my skills


I have been following the course for a month and I already see improvements in my baking. The videos are easy to follow and provide a detailed steps of each recipe. I am looking forward to baking more recipes from this course. meringue cookies course is a great skill builder indeed!